Ofir Asiass


I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning at the Technion in Haifa in 1994.

From '95 to '99As as an employee, I was responsible for planning the offices of Sollel Boneh (a leading Israeli construction company) in Jerusalem, renovating the Law Courts in Natanya and the offices of the National Insurance Institute in Tel Aviv.

In 1999 I established my own office as well as working for ELAL as a flight attendant in first and business classes.

This combination has had an ongoing impact on my work, as I bring to each project a worldly outlook.

I have decided to focus on planning and designing apartments, building interiors, boutique hotels in Israel and abroad.

in 2008 I have resigned from EL AL to dedicate my self for Architecture.

On 2009 I have established Ofir Asiass Architects which later on changed to Ofir Asiass Architecture and Interior Design, one of the high end architecture firms.

in 2014 I have Graduated MA studies in Conservation in the Technion.

My work both as an architect and a steward took me to the four corners of the world expanded my horizons and infused me with a passion to create beauty. In all my projects I bond with the client and identify with their wishes, a process that creates outstanding results.

My exposure to different cultures and styles also has a great impact on what I do. I especially love renovation and rebuilding projects, where I can take the old existing structure and build on it to make something new without losing the original feeling.

By focusing on modern residential Architecture and specifically on unique apartments houses and small "niche" hotels, I bring to each assignment a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, and a dedication to details and spirit that is essential to projects of this nature.